Expert WoodWorks, From A Log To Furniture. Seeing a piece of furniture take shape, its like watching a child grow.

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"Seeing a piece of furniture take shape, it is like watching a child grow."

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Wood Movement Effects Explained

We can also make 'wooden pens' and 'bottle stoppers' on our lathe.
Made from all sorts of different woods and plastics(acrylic, polyester resin).

The stains we prefer are "MinWax" brand, here you can see the differant colors available.
The colors of stain will vary with the species of wood.

MinWax®stain colors.

A Family owned and operated business.
Custom made wood furniture built and designed to your specifications.
We will build furniture/cabinets to fit your small or large spaces.
Variety of woods from pine to oak to walnut among others.
Specializing in antique reproductions...example;
pie safes, dry sinks, jelly cabinets(small pie safe), etc.
All solid wood construction and/or cabinet grade veneer plywood.
absolutely 'NO' particle board

We feature quality handmade furniture that doesn't have to make a "boat trip" from foreign countries.
The lumber we use is cut from Indiana trees into lumber on site and then custom dried in two solar kilns.
Drying time takes about 45-60(depends on the weather) days in the solar kilns, after air drying for 30 days.

The following pictures are a sample of what we do, aside from the custom work.

If you wish, you can hit reload and see different pictures, or just
go to the Photo Album.

We also do custom sawing.
If you have logs or barn timbers that you would like to have cut into lumber,
email for estimate, if you want it dried, that will be a extra fee.
If your wanting lumber resawed or made into moldings or just looking for your
lumber to be planed down, email for a estimate.
What we offer is the following wood species in lumber sales.
Rough sawn Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Pine, and several other species
You can find the email links below.
Prices vary per species.
All lumber will be for Kiln Dried, Rough Cut Lumber. Please email for
prices and availablity. Our lumber is random length and width. Most
stock is 7/8" thick after drying.
Q. What is quartersawn lumber?
A. Technically, quartersawn lumber has the growth rings of the tree
approximately perpendicular to the board's broad face. In contrast,
plain sawn lumber has the growth rings parallel to the board's broad
face. Quartersawn produces both quartered and rift lumber.
Q. How is quartersawn lumber achieved?
A. There is only one true way to quarter saw a log and we do it this
way. First, we cut a log into quarters. Each quarter is then processed
by cutting a single board off one face, then cutting the next board
from the opposite face, and cutting from alternating faces until the
quarter is completely cut.
Q. What are the aesthetic qualities of quartersawn lumber?
A. The most notable characteristic of quartersawn lumber lies in its
incomparable grain patterns. Also depends on the log and the grain
in the wood. Medullary ray fleck, wavy grain and interlocked grain
are all visually enhanced when the log is quartersawn. The revival
of Mission style furniture is just one example of how today's artisans
are rediscovering the unique beauty of quartersawn lumber.Today's
heirloom furniture, the antiques of tomorrow, is crafted from quartersawn
lumber. Quality reproductions and renovations of artisans' work demand true
quartersawn lumber. Quartersawn wood is the choice of wood artisans.
Q. What are the structural qualities of quartersawn lumber?
A. Quartersawn lumber is the uncontested winner when compared to plain
(or flat) sawn lumber. Quartersawn features include:
* Reduces shrinking and swelling in lumber width.
* Reduces twisting, warping and cupping.
* Less prone to surface checking.
* Wears more evenly in flooring applications.
* Does not allow liquids to readily pass through it.
* Smooth surface as raised grain is not pronounced.
Q. What's the difference between quartered and rift lumber?
A. A quartered board features medullary ray or "fleck" perpendicular
to a grain, which typically forms angles from 60 degrees to 90 degrees
with the board?s surface. A rift board exhibits a clean, straight, vertical
grain pattern, which typically forms angles from 30 to 60 degrees with
the board's surface.
Q. If quarter sawing is so good, why don't all sawmills do it?
A. For most, the art of quarter sawing has been lost over the years. Like many superior
practices of the past, quarter sawing lost favor to plain sawing techniques. Plain
sawing is easier, cheaper and quicker ? but it results in more waste, less grain
characteristic and less stable lumber.
Q. How we saw for best grade of lumber out of a log?
A. Opening cuts are done with the bark still on/off the log
We then take a 6" opening slab cut on the worst face off the log. then we turn log
180 degrees..and take a 6" opening cut in that face. then we take a number
of 1" boards of that face and then turn log 90 degrees, and open that face
with a 6" slab cut... then take a number of boards off that face until the
grade of the lumber goes down. Then we turn to last face, open it up with a
6" cut. If the face shows good, take a number of boards off it until the
grade goes down. Continue sawing the best face and turning the log to saw
the best face possible. Any boards needing edging are edged after the log
is sawed. Some need both sides edged, some will only need one edge....some
might not need any edging. Usually the center of the log is the lowest grade
of lumber. This is called the 'heart' wood and it might contain bugs, ants, rot,
knots, etc.

Calculate the weight of your logs if you wish.

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